Iomega External CD – Troubleshoot Your Problematic CD Burner

You have an iOmega cd burner and it hasn’t worked in a while. Not sure why, but now when you go to try to burn a CD from iTunes to your burner nothing happens. You get an error called, “disc burner or software not found”.

Never had this problem before. When you checked a burner a power supply cord is very loose in back, it doesn’t open, etc. You don’t know what to do.

There looks like a light should flash on a power pack that it is on, it did for a minute then stopped. When you put a power pack in an outlet, a green light on a pack lights up. When you go to place a cord in a back of burner, a green light goes off.

Try disconnecting your Iomega drive from your computer. I assume you have it connected via a USB cable. Try just plugging its power adapter to it.

Make sure you don’t have a CD-ROM that is stuck. There is a small pin sized hole to manually eject a stuck CD-ROM. Also, test with just power plugged in whether or not you can get your CD-RW drive bay to open and close repeatdly.

I would also try plugging in a power pack into a different wall outlet. Even if it’s light goes off after plugging in power adapter into burner, still try to get your external drive bay to open and close. Check your USB cable for damage.

Iomega External CD

Disconect a USB cable from your CD-RW drive and your computer. Check both ends of that cable for visible damage. Check power supply for damage.

Disconnect a power supply from your CD-RW drive and your computer. Check cable for visible damage. Check your external drive for damage.

Is there any visible hardware damage to your drive, such as a broken case, faceplate or button? Make sure all cables are unplugged from back of your external burner including any hooked from burner to computer. If your external burner still does not receive power then I’m afraid it might be failing.

If you think your device is failing and your drive might be still under warrant you can go to North America Returns and Warranty page for Iomega. Choose “Media players” from a drop down list. You can then view details of product warranty.

You might be able to get FREE live chat support as long as your drive is still under warranty.