Is There Any Other Way to Charge a Laptop – Battery Quickly?

Your Toshiba laptop won’t start. You took out a battery and placed it back in. Please take out that laptop’s battery.

Unplug an AC Adapter from a wall outlet and that laptop. Press a power button on that laptop for one minute. Plug an AC adapter into a wall outlet and laptop, then try to power it on.

You might need to completely discharge that battery and then recharge it. If your laptop battery is low on charge, then it might take awhile for it to become fully charged. Discharging it completely can sometimes help to speed up charging time.

Also, another potential solution you can try is to not use your laptop while charging. Some laptops charge faster when not in use. All you have to do is just plug in your AC adapter into your laptop and make certain a laptop battery charging indicator light is on.

However, some laptop lithium-ion batteries have a rapid charge option. Your laptop manufacturer may have shipped special software that will take advantage of rapid charge. Another possibility that your operating system might take advantage of this option.

Through trial and error you may be able to charge your laptop battery faster now.