iTunes Library – Extras.ITDB File is Locked on MAC Fix

Another computer problem in the world order. This time a customer was NOT able to use iTunes on a brand new Macintosh computer. Here is their request:

“I’m getting an error message on my new MAC computer when I try to open iTunes. It’s brand new. Gave me the error the first time I tried opening it.”

This individual had purchased a refurbished Apple Macintosh with Macintosh operating system 10.13.3, High Sierra, directly from Apple. This is the exact error message:

Error MSG: The iTunes Library Extras.itdb file is locked, on a locked disk, or you do not have write permission for this file.

It is always a good idea to give a computer technician the exact error message you are receiving. Anyways, here is my response to this predicament. You can try to either rename that .itdb file to something else like .itdb.bak.

Also, if you have not used iTunes before, you can try to delete that .itdb file. If successful at renaming or deleting, then try to see if iTunes will now open.

This customer renamed this .itdb file, but this did NOT fix this problem. This iTunes Library Extras.itdb file is located in the iTunes folder under the Music directory. Also, you can search for a file by using “Spotlight”.

Spotlight is the search icon in the menu bar. Click on that icon and then type in “iTunes Library Extras.itdb” without quotes into a search box. You can also copy and paste this file:

iTunes Library Extras.itdb

If renaming that .itdb file does NOT fix this problem right away, you can try this next step. I would rename or delete that file and then reboot your Macintosh. Then open iTunes after a reboot.

This customer then received the same error message with a second .itdb file named iTunes Library Genuis.itdb file. What fixed this problem was to configure the correct permissions for both of these files. You can try this step.

Yes it could be file permissions issue. Change permissions for everyone to “read & write” for both those .itdb files. Select one of those files then choose “File”.

Select “Get Info”. If the information in “Sharing & Permissions” is not visible, then click the triangle. Click the lock icon if you need, to unlock it.

You will need to enter in your administrator name and password. Click everyone in the “Name” column, then choose “read & write”, from the pop up menu. This customer was able to fix their own file permissions problem partly with my help.

Okay, I went to each file and there was already a permission showing for “everyone” with read and write permission. So I added a permission, selected my username, and changed the permission to read and write. It did not ask for my password.

But that seemed to do it. I can now open iTunes. Thank you.

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