iTunes Problems – Fix QuickTime Update Causing iTunes to Fail

Apple QuickTime updates may cause Apple iTunes software program to fail. You may receive the “Need to repair or reinstall QuickTime” message after installing Apple QuickTime update(s). Sometimes a complete removal and re installation is necessary to clear these software program errors and problems.

You may need to clean up your computer’s registry entries for Apple quick time and Apple iTunes, so that when reinstalling both programs you start out with a clean Microsoft Windows registry. Be sure to backup your Microsoft Windows registry with my preferred PC optimization tool that I am recommending you download and install. This PC optimization tool has been quite reliable in all the years I have used it.

You want to download and install this PC optimization tool. From within this program run a registry cleaner utility. Please backup your Microsoft Windows registry when prompted.

This should clean out any Microsoft Windows registry settings that is not being removed for Apple quick time and Apple iTunes. In this PC optimization tool, click the “Registry” button on the left hand side. On the left hand side you can select the items under “Registry Cleaner “that you want to scan.

All of them are checked by default. It is recommended that you leave all the items checked. Click the “Scan for Issues” button.

You will see a progress indicator bar and a list of potential problems. Once this Microsoft Windows registry scan is completed, you can then review the list of problems. You can save this list to a text file, by right clicking anywhere inside this list.

Now click on “Save to text file”. If you want this PC Optimization tool to skip any of these problems it has found, then right click the problem, and then click “Add to Exclude List” button.

You can review all of the current group of excluded files, folders, and Microsoft Windows registry entries in this “Exclude” area of the “Options” pane. Now you want to click “Fix selected issues” to fix these Microsoft windows registry problems. You will now be prompted to backup the Microsoft Windows registry first.

It is highly recommended that you click on “Yes”. Choose a location where to save this Microsoft Windows registry backup file. Click on “Save” to complete this process.

This PC optimization tool displays the very first Microsoft Windows registry problem with a possible solution. You can speed up this process by clicking on “Fix All Selected Issues”. After running that Microsoft Windows registry cleaner then you can reinstall Apple QuickTime and Apple iTunes.

Hopefully it will resolve your issue. This Microsoft Windows registry PC optimization tool also has a “Cleaner” tool. This will remove any Internet cache, Internet history, cookies, download history, temporary Internet files, temporary files, and thumbnail cache. This is an added bonus tip.

If you allow your Microsoft Windows computer to accumulate all of the a fore mentioned files, then this can cause potential problems with your computer. Click the “Cleaner” button on the left hand side. Click the “Run Cleaner” button.

Depending on how many of these files have accumulated on your Microsoft Windows operating system, this tool can take a few seconds to a few minutes to run this scan. This program will tell you how much disk space in megabytes of junk files have been removed. I encourage you to keep running this “Cleaner” scan until nothing to very little junk files are found.

This PC optimization tool is my preferred system cleanup tool of choice and I actually use this program as routine maintenance on the few computers that have Microsoft Windows operating system installed.

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