Java Download For MAC – Instructions

I had a recent customer, ask a question on a website I make supplemental income, as a computer technician. This platform has the ability for us technicians to provide remote support. However, their integrated remote support software requires Java, for customers that use Apple Macintosh operating systems.

This customer was using an Apple Macintosh and was having difficulty installing Java. Below are detailed instructions on how you can install Java on your Apple Macintosh computer. Do you happen to know what version of MAC OS X is installed?

I checked and you would need MAC OS X 10.7.3 or newer. You can find out what version of MAC operating system is installed by clicking on the Apple icon and choosing “About this MAC”. Also, you could try to just download and install Java for Apple Macintosh from this direct Java download for MAC link.

Macintosh OS 10.7.3 is also referred to as Macintosh OS X Lion. This individual was able to successfully install Java from the download link I provided. Now they were able to obtain remote support from one of the technicians available.

I am NOT a big fan of Oracle’s Java. However, quite a few applications require it. Also, there is some confusion as to how and where to obtain this software.

I went directly to Oracle’s Java websites’ downloads section and found out that at the time of this blog post creation, you must have Apple Macintosh 10.7.3 or newer installed. There could still be a few Apple Macintosh computers with older OS X operating systems installed. You could possibly find an older archived version of Java to download or install.

Also, you could try to upgrade your Macintosh OS X operating system to a newer version that will support Java. Java run time environment is used in applications ranging from games to remote technical support.