Juniper Networks Finds Backdoor Vulnerability in Their Firewalls

Juniper Networks Incorporated announced on December seventeen two thousand fifteen, that they found a backdoor code vulnerability in their firewalls. Knowledgeable attackers could potentially gain administrative access remotely via Juniper’s Netscreen firewalls and decrypt Virtual Private Network connections. Juniper Networks has since released a critical patch update.

These patches have been released for ScreenOS which is Juniper’s firewall software. Juniper Networks claim they found this backdoor security flaw through an internal code review. Juniper recommends their customers install recently released patches. Also, Juniper claims they know of no known exploitations of this security risk.

Bob Worrall Juniper Networks’ Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer was quoted as saying:

“On behalf of the entire Juniper Security Response Team, please know that we take this matter very seriously and are making every effort to address these issues. More information and guidance on applying this update to systems can be found in the Juniper Security Advisories (JSAs) available on our Security Incident Response website at”

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All NetScreen devices using ScreenOS 6.2.0r15 through 6.2.0r18 and 6.3.0r12 through 6.3.0r20 are affected and require installation of released patches. This security backdoor vulnerability only affects Juniper Networks ScreenOS software. You can check out Juniper’s security announcement for more information.

A user could potentially gain administrative access remotely via Secure SHell or telnet. Also, a user could potentially monitor Virtual Private Network traffic via encryption. Both issues are independent from each other.

This Juniper Security Bulletin addresses more technical information about both of these potential backdoor security flaws.