VideoLAN - Releases VLC Media Player For Chrome Operating System

Video local area network software developer releases VideoLAN Client media player for Google Chrome operating system. Video LAN organization announced on December seventeen the release of VideoLAN client media player for Chrome operating system. VideoLAN client software for Google Chrome operating system can play most popular audio and video files.

The software is free and open source. Also, you can play network streams and digital video discs without any codecs that you have to download separately. VideoLAN client software audio player includes an equalizer, filters database, and can play most audio formats.

Most audio and video formats are supported including MKV Matroskia, MP4 Motion Picture 4, AVI Audio Video Interleave, MOV Movie, and OGG Ogging video formats. FLAC TSM Free Losless Codec, TWS True Wireless Stereo, AAC Advanced Audio Codec, and MP3 Motion Pictures audio formats are supported. All audio and video codecs are included with no separate downloads necessary and that includes digital video disc movies

You can just insert in a digital video discon into a computer and video lan client software will play it. This VideoLAN client software includes a media library with the ability to browse file folders directly. VideoLAN client software supports multitrack audio, subtitles, automatic rotation, aspect ratio adjustments, gestures, controlling volume, brightness, and seeking.

Also, audio headsets control, cover art, complete audio media library is included. This media player includes a built-in widget to control audio. This initial VideoLAN client version for Google Chrome operating system is 1.70.1.

The actual program is five megabytes in size. Also this media player supports up to forty eight languages. The software was actually ported to Google Chrome operating system from a Google Android version.

You can download VideoLAN client media player from the Google Chrome web store. Most of this information on the right hand side is included in this blog post. There is one caveat if you do decide to install it.

It stipulates here, at the first run of this software program you need to select a folder where all your media files are located. This is where the media database will index. If you are not familiar with Video LAN Client software, I have been using Video LAN Client software for years and years and years.

It is my favorite video player. Actually I do not really like Microsoft Windows Media Player. However, this is ported for the Google Chrome operating system. Actually, the first time ever Video LAN Client software was designed for the Google Chrome operating system.

They actually have a support web site. Then obviously from this website is where you can download it. Right here available on Google Chrome.

There is a warning message at the top. You will need Google Chrome operating system in order to install most applications, extensions, and themes. If you are running Google Chrome operating system already then I am assuming that they already have Google Chrome.

Excuse me yes Google Chrome is already installed with the Google Chrome operating system installation. I think this warning message is because I am running Microsoft Windows operating system and I do not obviously have Google Chrome operating system installed.

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