Kali Linux - Fix Installation CD-ROM Couldn't be Mounted

Installing Kali Linux: Troubleshooting Error Message on Universal Serial Bus Flash Drive

In a recent video by Reality PC Youtube channel, he encountered an error while attempting to install Kali Linux Debian derivation distrobution version two thousand and sixteen with a universal Serial Bus flash drive. The error message indicated a problem with mounting the installation compact disc read only memory, leading to a series of troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. Let us dive into the details of his experience and how he tackled the installation bug.

Error Message and Initial Troubleshooting

The Kali Linux operating system installation process was halted by an error message stating, "Your installation CD-ROM could not be mounted". This typically signifies that the compact disc read only memory was not recognized by the computer system. The initial solution suggested was to disconnect the universal serial bus flash drive, connecting it again, and then waiting for a few seconds for the compact disc read only memory to become mounted automatically. However, it was noted that the universal serial bus drive did not light up as expected during this Kali Linux operating system installation process.

Further Attempts and Resolution

Despite the absence of the universal serial bus drive lighting up, the installation technician proceeded with the recommended installation steps. They waited for the universal serial bus drive to flash, indicating recognition and mounting of that compact disc read only memory again. After this step, the installation process resumed successfully, overcoming the initial error message that was displayed on screen.

Technical Details of the Installation

The Kali Linux two thousand sixteen two full version that was working with had a file size of 2.9 gigabytes of disk space usage. The Rufus software tool to write the image to the universal serial bus flash drive was used. Also, specifying that it was the x86 thirty two bit version intended for installation on a Dell Latitude D630 model laptop computer system.

In conclusion, this experience highlights a common bug encountered during the installation of Kali Linux, which is a Debian derivation Linux distrobution, particularly the two thousand sixteen version. By you following the prescribed troubleshooting steps and understanding the intricacies of mounting the compact disc read only memory, end users like yourself can navigate through such errors effectively. You can stay tuned for more insights and solutions to technical challenges in the realm of computer operating systems and software installations.

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