Keyboard Problems Laptop – Quick Tips to Help Resolve Your Problem

A keyboard on your HP Pavilion is not working. Below are a list of potentially easy fixes. You are running Windows Vista and have rebooted your machine.

You can try removing it’s driver from device manager in control panel. Go to System then hardware. Choose “Device Manager” button.

You can right click keyboard and select “Uninstall”. Once keyboard is uninstalled then you can click on a “Scan for hardware changes” icon in device manager. Windows should reload a driver for your keyboard.

So you have two HID devices listed under keyboard and one PS 2? Don’t remove that PS 2 one, but remove one of those HID devices one at a time. After removing one of them please use a “Scan for hardware changes” icon in device manager.

Windows should detect your keyboard and install a driver. Can you remove that other HID device and click “Scan for hardware changes”. Do you have a PS 2 keyboard hooked up to that laptop?

Does it work? Can you try unhooking that PS 2 keyboard and remove all 3 devices under and scan for hardware changes. Well try to remove all three device drivers and then click scan for hardware changes.

If that doesn’t fix it then maybe a system restore will fix your problem. When was a last time your laptop keyboard worked? That keyboard should work with a standard Microsoft windows driver.

Another option is to perform a Windows system restore. Basically, you pick a date before you were having problems with your keyboard and restore Windows to that point. These tips were written for a computer running Windows Vista, but certainly can be used as a basis for other Microsoft Windows operating systems.