Labels Design – How to Fix Label Designer Deluxe ClavAdv.dll

Are you not able to get your Label Designer Deluxe program to start? Does it keep coming up with a message that it does not have “ClavAdv.dll” installed? If so check out this potential fix.

For whatever reason a couple of system .dll files are not up to date on your computer. You will need to download two system .dll files onto a specific location on your computer. This tutorial will walk you through a process of downloading and then registering those newer system .dll files.

Make sure to over write any existing .dll files if prompted by clicking on “YES” or “OK”. Browse to a software avanquest web page. Click on a “Choose a product” drop down list under “Find your product in the dropdown below to get support”.

Labels Design

Select MyLabel Designer. You will be sent to a MyLabel Designer support page. Click on a “Search” link.

Copy and paste this error without quotes, “Clacadv.dll (or Clacstmp.dll) does not exist” and paste it into search box to left of “in MyLabel Designer”. Click on a Search button. Please follow the instructions with that tutorial.

You just need to update those system .dll files.