Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working – For Some Keys on Asus

A viewer of a video on my Anet Computers YouTube channel asked me to troubleshoot why only certain keys on their Asus laptop would not work.

Md. Hasan R*****

“Hi, my some key are don’t working,how can I active these are? My laptop ASUS intel core i3 -5010U,2.1 GHz. Inactive keys are N & M & L & , & L & O & word key 9.

please advise how can I active it.”

Without knowing an exact Asus laptop model number, I am limited to a certain extent. However, I can give out some quick tips. First thing you could try is to plug in an external keyboard to your laptop.

If you are receiving the same problem then it could be a keyboard configuration setting. You can access “Control Panel” then look for “Region and Language” and make sure everything is set to your country for example United States. Since I do NOT know what operating system they are using I am limited in my troubleshooting ability.

If this does not fix your laptop keyboard stopped working for some keys than you can try removing your laptop keyboard from Microsoft windows device manager. Access “Control Panel” and look for “Device Manager”. Once in device manager look for your Asus laptop keyboard under “Keyboards”.

You might just see an “HID Keyboard Device”. HID stands for Human Interface Device. Right click this keyboard and select “Uninstall device”.

You can either reboot your computer so that Microsoft windows detects and loads a driver again or click on a “Scan for hardware changes” icon in device manager. Now test to see if those keys started to work. Another option you can try is to right click your keyboard and select “Update Driver”.

Try updating your keyboard driver via either “Search automatically for updated software driver”, download, or optical drive via “Browse my computer for driver software”. Finally, you can boot your computer into windows safe mode. If all keys work in Windows safe mode, then there your problem is with normal windows mode.

You can always restore your computer back to when all keys on your keyboard worked with Microsoft Windows system restore tool. You may need to reinstall Microsoft windows operating system if all else fails. If some of your keys still do not work, you can try reseating your Asus laptop keyboard connector on the motherboard.

However, this will require you to physically take apart your laptop. There is a possibility that you have faulty keyboard hardware.