Last Known Good Configuration – Get Windows 7 to Boot Normal

You cannot fully load into Windows 7 anymore. You tried loading into safe mode and that works just fine. When you try to load into Windows 7 normally, it goes to a loading screen where a Windows 7 logo is.

Then you hear windows continuing to load and audio sounds tell you that you are actually in your user account but all you see is a load screen. You were in a middle of reinstalling a video card driver so as of now there is no driver installed. You’ve tried to install a video card driver but it won’t let you unless you are in normal Windows mode.

You cannot perform a backup in safe mode and will only let you do it in normal mode. You can boot into Windows safe mode using “Last known good configuration”. Hopefully, it will fix your issue.

Last Known Good Configuration

If not, boot into Windows “safe mode with networking”. This time delete your video card device from device manager in control panel. You should be able to now boot into Windows normally.

Windows will either install a Microsoft video driver or use a default limited resolution one. Try to install your video card driver again.