LastPass – Now Completely Free to Use on Multiple Devices

LastPass is now available completely free. Not just for one device but for all your devices. Since two thousand eight last pass has required a subscription model.

On November second two thousand sixteen LastPass announced they would switch from a subscription model to a free model. You can use LastPass on any of your devices no matter where you are located. For example you can access your passwords on a desktop computer, laptop, computer, tablet computer, android device, etc.

Existing free users just have to download LastPass for their web broswer on each additional desktop or laptop. Each additional smartphone or tablet just requires you to download a LastPass mobile application. Curent LastPass premium subscribers continue to receive current features and support.

Free users can upgrade to a Premium account for one dollar per month. Premium accounts include following features:

* Priority Support
* Family Password Sharing up to 5 People
* Two Factor Authentication Similar to YubiKey
* One Gigabyte of Encrypted File Storage

Existing paid subscribers can allow their subscription to expire. You will need to make sure that autorenewal is disabled in your account. If you don’t want to wait to downgrade to free free you just need to contact LastPass support.

LastPass software is currently supported on Linux, MAC, and Windows. Also, mobile versions are available on Apple’s app store, Google’s play store, and Microsoft’s windows store. I was not available to verify whether or not LastPass will refund any current paid subscribers whom want to downgrade to a free version.

Finally, LastPass has an enterprise version for their business customers that is priced at two dollars per month per enduser.