Lenovo Laptop Will Not Boot – Troubleshooting Steps

Another computer problem on a third party website where I earn supplemental income. This time it deals with a laptop not booting. Here is the initial original question verbatim.

My Lenovo laptop froze and will not boot back up. I get a message saying “Preparing automatic repair”, but after nearly 3 hours, noting happens. Just a blank screen.

What should I do?

The laptop lights turned on indicating it was receiving power. Power off your laptop. Power your laptop back on and immediately keep tapping the F8 key until and advanced boot options window opens.

Make sure to immediately keep tapping the F8 key as soon as the computer turns on and before Windows tries to boot. The laptop eventually tried to boot into windows with the following error message, “Preparing Automatic Repair”. This ended up being a loop problem as automatic repair did not fix their issue.

Turn off that laptop. Remove the battery. Disconnect the power cable from both wall outlet and laptop.

Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds. Plug the power cable back into wall outlet and laptop. See if Microsoft Windows will boot.

Leave the battery out of the laptop. Also, make certain there are no other devices plugged in, for example external hard drivers, printers, USB flash drives, etc. This individual owned a Lenovo Ideapad 110.

Never mind, the battery is under the cover. Follow the previous instructions only do NOT mess with the battery. I asked this individual if they had important data on their computer.

I concluded that they either had Windows 8 or 10, or Windows 7 was badly corrupted. If you have a Windows 7 installation CD and you do indeed have Windows 7 installed, you might be able to run some system scans to fix it. Otherwise I would take it to a computer repair shop to get your data off at the very least.

They asked how to boot off of a CD-ROM. Yes, you would place the installation CD-ROM into your computer. Then power on the computer and hopefully it will boot off of it.

Also, they asked what to do if they could not find an installation CD-ROM. I would take it to a computer repair shop to recover your data and possibly fix Windows. Also, they should be able to reinstall the Windows operating system for you.

When in doubt, take your Lenovo laptop will not boot to a computer repair business. At the very least they will try to recover your important data. Also, they can try to troubleshoot and potentially fix the problem that is causing your Lenovo laptop not to boot Microsoft windows properly.

Finally, if necessary they can reinstall Microsoft Windows operating system for you. You would have to reinstall all of your applications. However, they might include free data recovery or give you a discount on their services.