Macbook Pro Early 2011 Memory – Replacement A1278 Model

A recent computer repair customer brought me a Macintosh Pro A1278 early 2011 model laptop. This MACBook pro would not boot into the operating system. The Apple logo and progress indicator would ve visible, but then the display would go blank and the laptop would shut off.

I decided to reseat this Macbook Pro early 2011 memory. You want to flip this MACBook pro upside down. There are ten total screws that you need to remove.

Three of these screws are longer than the other seven. They are towards the back. You will need to make sure to tighten these three screws in their original locations.

The bottom cover will easily come out now. The memory modules are situated between the battery and mainboard. All you have to do is press outwards on the two retaining clips.

The memory module will then pop up out of its socket. Now you can just grab the memory by the edges and pull it out. There are two memory slots on this MACBook Pro A1278 early 2011 model.

You may or may not have two memory modules to remove. Now all you have to do once you remove the memory is place your new memory in their slot(s). Make sure the new memory is properly seated and their retaining clips are inwards.

You can try to boot up this MACBook Pro to make sure it turns on and works with the new memory. To save yourself some time you can just place the bottom cover on but do NOT tighten the screws. When you have verified that your MACBook Pro functions correctly with this new memory then you can tighten down all ten screws.

Remember three screws are longer and must be tightened down in their original locations. You have just successfully upgraded your Macbook Pro early 2011 memory.