Magic Jack – Tips and Common Answers About MagicJack Service

Tips and common answers about MagicJack phone service. Magic Jack can potentially save you money on your phone expenses, but you might want to find out more information about their phone service, before making your buying decision. I would like to know if Magic Jack will work in my specific area?

Check out their area code listings page. Can I use the same number that I have been using in the past? Not currently, but they are planning on providing this service in future.

You would be able to port phone number to magic jack for a small fee. Do you hook it up, Magic Jack to the telephone and a computer too? Yes, you hook up that Magic Jack USB device to your computer, and then you hook up your phone to a Magick Jack phone port.

Does Magic Jack work with fax machines? Magic Jack doesn’t currently support faxing but they do have some simple instructions for you to attempt to use your regular fax machine with their service. You can attempt some following instructions on using your own fax machine with their service.

Magic Jack

Please try some following steps to use magic Jack with your fax machine or program. You may have to contact your fax manufacturer.

  1. Turn off error correction on your fax machine, or fax program
  2. Set that fax machine, or fax program setting, to use a slowest speed available
  3. Increase fax speed, checking at each speed that faxes work successfully

Do I get a new an email address with Magic Jack service? No, at this time you do not get a new email address with their service. How much will it cost per month after a FREE trial?

As of this writing, Magic Jack costs $59.95 plus shipping and handling charges for a first year including a USB device, after that FREE trial is over. They then charge $19.95 per year after that first year. Magic Jack can potentially save you money on your phone expenses.

You can browse through all their frequently asked phone service broadband questions, before making your purchasing decision.