Malwarebytes Version – 3 Instructions so Free Version Never Expires

MalwareBytes 3.0 was released in December of two thousand sixteen. As a computer repair technician, I thought I would download and install this newer version. I have been using version 2.x.x for years.

This free software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows 10. I am going to show you how to deactivate a free fourteen day trial, and activate a free version that never expires. If you already have an older version of MalwareBytes, you might want to remove that version first, which may require that you reboot your computer.

Once your computer is rebooted, you can run a program similar to Ccleaner to make sure files and registry entries from older version of MalwareBytes are removed. This is an optional step. First, you want to download MalwareBytes 3.0 .

Once download to your computer, you double click this executable. At open file security popup, click on “Run”. Click “Continue” in “User Account Control” window.

Click “OK” at select setup language to accept default English language. Click “Next” at “Welcome to Malwarbytes setup wizard”. Select “I accept the agreement” and choose “Next”.

Click “Next” at an information screen. Click “Next” at select destination folder. Select “Next” at select start menu folder.

You can uncheck “Create a desktop shortcut” box, if you don’t want a Malwarebytes desktop shortcut created and click on “Next”. Click on “Install”. A Malwarebytes install will now proceed.

Click on “Finish” to complete this installation. By default MalwareBytes 3.0 might install a free trial version that expires after fourteen days. In MalwareBytes Dashboard, click on “Settings”.

Click on a “My Account” tab and towards bottom right hand side you will see “Deactivate Premium Trial”. Once this is selected, your copy of MalwareBytes 3.0 will revert to a free version that does not expire. Another popup in your task bar might open up.

Click on “Stay downgraded I don’t need real time protection and then click “OK”.

Malwarebytes Version – 3 Instructions so Free Version Never Expires Video Transcript

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