Manage Wifi Networks – in Microsoft Windows With NetSetMan

I do not like the integrated Microsoft wireless connection manager. For one thing this wireless connection manager does NOT display different wireless routers with the same Service Set IDentifier. For example Comcast Xfinity uses the same Service Set IDentifier for their hotspots.

Also, I have noticed on other operating systems that many times a built in wireless network manager is slower compared to third party tools. I prefer to manage wifi networks in Microsoft windows operating systems with NetSetMan. This tool allows me to view all wireless routers, including those with the same broadcast Service Set IDentifier.

I have noticed a littlet bit of a speed increase as well. It could be that Microsoft’s built in wifi manager is bloated, uses up more system resources, etc. NetSetMan is entirely FREE and is a quick simple installation.

Also, NetSetMan GmbH has created a professional version you can purchase. This manage wifi networks application supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit versions of Microsoft windows are supported. This non commercial freeware is just four megabytes in size.

Microsoft windows generally connects you to the wireless access point with best signal. However, your shit out of luck if you want to connect to a specific wireless router with same Service Set IDentifier. NetSetMan displays each wireless router individually even if they have the same broadcast service set identifier.

You can view a wireless router’s Media Access Control address by hovering over a router. You can right click and then copy that media access control address to your clipboard. This allows you to connect to a specific wireless router.

First you must create a wireless profile in NetSetMan. Now you want to choose “Connect by MAC address…”. Then you can type in or copy and paste the media access control address into this field.

You can enter in an optional description. Now you click on “OK” to save your settings. Now you should be able to connect to that specific wireless router as long as that media access control address is entered in correctly.

This option is only available in the professional version. I have been using NetSetMan to manage wifi networks on Microsoft windows operating systems for over a year now, with no problems.