Mcafee Fix – Resolve Computer is Not Fully Protected Message

Are you receiving a Mcafee message stating that your computer is not fully protected? Does clicking on “fix” not resolve your issue? Make sure that automatic updates is enabled in Mcafee.

Click on “Start” then “Programs” then “Network Associates” then “Virus Scan Console”. Find “Auto Update” in a list of Descriptions. Right click on “Auto Update”, and click on “Properties”.

Mcafee Fix

Click on a “Schedule” tab. Verify that “Enable” box is checked: if an Enable box is not checked then click on a box to turn it on. Verify that software is set up to run daily: if a Daily button is not on then click on a button to turn it on.

Verify that updates are running at your preferred time: if they are not then click on your preferred time or click on “Enable Randomization” to allow updates at random times. If you have updated your Virus Scan configuration then click on OK to save your changes. Hopefully, that will fix your not fully protected Mcafee problem.