Microsoft Address Book – Missing Address Book on Windows 7?

Some end users new to Microsoft Windows seven operating system have noticed that Microsoft Outlook Express is missing. They might also be having difficulties finding their old Microsoft Outlook address book on their new Microsoft Windows seven operating system based computer after transferring their data. Microsoft corporation replaced Microsoft Outlook Express email client software with Microsoft Windows Live Mail and your computer may have came with Microsoft Windows Live Mail already installed, depending on your operating system distribution.

If you cannot find Microsoft Windows Live Mail you can download and install windows live mail client software program.

You can then import your old Microsoft Outlook address book into Microsoft Windows live mail address book by following these instructions below:

  1. You will want to open Microsoft Windows live mail software program, then in your lower left corner of that window you will click on “Contacts”.
  2. You can click on the “File” menu, then select “Import”. Now you will want to click the type of address book that you want to import. If prompted, you can browse to and choose that file that contains that contact information that you want to import. Finally, then you can click “Open”.

If you need further help, there is a short description of Microsoft Windows Live Mail, tutorial on how to export contacts, and importing mail and address book, that is is available online from Microsoft support. Basically, you will want to back up your address book. Then you will want to import it into Microsoft Windows Live mail software program.

These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows seven operating system. However, you can use them as a basis point for other Microsoft Windows operating systems. The process and steps may not be the exact same, in order to fix your missing Microsoft mail address book problem.

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