Microsoft Skype – How to Find Out When Skype is Down

There is a major outage with Skype today September twenty first two thousand fifteen. Users were unable to log in and make calls with Skype. Also, your status in Skype was not functioning properly.

At time of this blog post creation, Skype is working on resolving a network issue. This outage did not affect Skype for Business users. This glitch was a world wide problem.

This outage has not affected all users. Even if you are able to login, you are marked as offline to other users. This makes it impossible for users to make outgoing calls.

Microsoft claims messaging aspect of Skype is not affected, that is if you can log in. If you are not currently logged in, you might have a difficult time signing into Skype. You might want to leave yourself logged into Skype for now.

Changes to your Skype profile might be delayed. You can read this Microsoft Skype heartbeat blog post for further details and updates. Also, you can check out a Skype outage map on You may want to bookmark that url for future use.

Finally, in future you can check Microsoft Skype heartbeat blog for updates on any current outages.