Multiple Antivirus – Do You Need Multiple AntiVirus Programs?

Gupdate.exe, what is this and how do you fix it? Would that cause your IE to hang first three times you try to log on? Or is it unrelated?

That is a Google update program. Is it causing problems with your computer? Are you wanting to remove that program?

It shouldn’t because Google updater just updates programs like Google chrome, Earth, Picasa, etc. that you might have installed on your computer. You can always go into task manager when Interent Explorer is hanging by pressing your CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys at same time and then clicking on task manager. In task manager you can look to see if any processes are taking up too much CPU time.

Multiple Antivirus

You could check this way to see if gupdate.exe is hogging your system resources. You might want to clean up your temporary internet files. Has internet explorer just recently started to hang?

No, it started a while ago and then got better but you have both AVG and Comcast Antivirus programs running and you are wondering if that is what is causing this problem. You just saw that gupdate.exe in an event log as informational that it could not find something it needed. Yes, I think having two anti virus programs running at same time is causing your problem.

They will take up valuable processing time and will walk over each other so to speak. I recommend removing one of them and hopefully that will improve your computer’s performance.