Nikon D7500 Camera – ViewNX-i Software For Windows 10

Another computer related problem on a third party website where by I earn supplemental income answering computer related questions. The individuals initial communication is quoted verbatim below.

“I just purchased a Nikon D7500 Camera. Took some photos in RAW, I use View NX-i but when I try to upload my RAW images it does not accept them. I’ve been told that View NX-i won’t work, so now what do I need to get to be able to work on my RAW images with the D7500?”

This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. They had assumed that since this Nikon D7500 camera was new, that they could just connect it to Microsoft Windows 10 and start downloading RAW image files. This is the wrong assumption and assertion for many reasons.

I will give you my gold tip. Never assume anything when it comes to information technology. At the time of this original communication, Microsoft Windows 10 had not officially supported this digital camera.

Whenver you purchase brand new hardware that you want to connect to a computer, first verify what operating systems are compatible and supported. ViewNX-i was not available as a download for the Nikon D7500 camera when I attempted to help this individual out. However, now there is a Windows 10 ViewNX-i download available.

Also, if that software does NOT work in the future, you can download NEF Codec, which is supported by Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. When in doubt, always first verify what operating system is compatible with the hardware that you are about to purchase. You can save yourself time and money.

There are no guarantees that any operating system will be compatible with your hardware. You can perform a simple Internet search for your hardware including the operating system you plan on using. Also, you can browse to the manufacture website and view the specifications for that specific model.

Finally, you can then find what downloads are availabe for that hardware in the support area.