Open Broadcaster Software – Studio Update Instructions How to

My currently preferred Screen Capturing software of choice is Open Broadcaster Software Studio. This software is entirely free and supports Microsoft Windows Vista with service pack 2, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. I recently began receiving a message when opening up this program:

“New Update Available

Version 17.0.0 is now available. Click here to download

17.0: Added replay buffer, added support for windows store games, added experimental caption support, increased audio tracks, and more.”

I have upgraded Open Broadcaster Software successfully before. I am going to show you how to upgrade this software whenever you are prompted with this update message. You want to click on that “Click here to download” hyperlinked sentence.

This will take you to latest version of Open Broadcaster Software download page at, in this case being version 17.0.0. You will be prompted with a different version in the future.

If that download page does not work you can always try to download it from Open Broadcaster Software download page. This is a static page that always has most current version available. I always download and run a full installer from

Once download double click to start an installation. Select “Yes” at a user access control popup up window. Click “Next” at a “Welcome to OBS Studio Setup Wizard” screen.

Click “I agree” at License Agreement. Click “Next” at Choose Installation Location. Click “Install” at Choose Components.

After a few moments you will see Open Broadcaster Software has finished. You have now just successfully updated Open Broadcaster Software Studio to a newer version.