Outlook Error 0X80042108 – Fix Microsoft Error 0x80042108

Are you receiving Microsoft Outlook Error 0x80042108? When trying to access your Microsoft Outlook email account you may receive this “error 0x80042108. Microsoft Outlook is unable to connect to your POP3 server”.

If you receive this error it may be occurring for the following reasons:

* You are not connected to the Internet, a network, or your Microsoft e-mail server is temporarily unavailable
* Your Microsoft Outlook account settings are not correc
* Your user profile in Microsoft Outlook is damaged
* An e-mail item on your Microsoft POP3 server is damaged
* The configuration of your anti virus software is incorrect
* Microsoft Outlook Express was removed from your computer or the installation is damaged
* The configuration of your personal firewall software is incorrect

You can try to narrow down and fix this error by:

* Making sure your network connection has not dropped
* Double checking to make certain that your Microsoft Outlook email account settings are correct
* Recreating your Microsoft Outlook email profile in case it is damaged
* Logging into your Microsoft Outlook email account through web based interface and looking for damaged emails
* Checking to see if your anti virus software is blocking email access
* Looking to see if Microsoft Outlook Express was removed or possibly corrupted
* Checking your firewall settings, making sure your firewall is not blocking Microsoft Outlook email access

Simply rebooting your computer may clear that error message. Starting Microsoft Outlook in safe mode by the outlook.exe /safe command should allow you to get into your email. You can either enter this command into a run box or open a command prompt and type it in.

Looking for and stopping any duplicate Outlook.exe processes is another possibility. Finally, booting your computer into safe mode and disabling any third party software ie. anti virus or firewall and then opening Microsoft Outlook to narrow down the culprit. You can read more information about this error and full solution descriptions at the following Microsoft page.


Rule out the possibility that your Internet connection is down and the cause of this error. Double check to make certain that your Microsoft Outlook email settings are correct. If in doubt, create another account to rule out the possibility this error is caused by a corrupt Microsoft Outlook email profile.

Remove any suspicious emails from your Microsoft Outlook inbox, that may be causing this error message. You can access your email via web based interface. Double check to make certain that your anti virus software is NOT blocking Microsoft Outlook email access.

If you are using a third party firewall software program, then rule out the possibility that this firewall software is causing this error. Also, you can try to repair Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express. This error can be caused by a corrupt .pst file.

You would want to run a repair on this file. Also, this error may be caused by stuck out going email(s) messages(s) in your outbox. Verify if any emails are still in your outbox, and delete any that might be causing this error.

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