Outlook Failed – Fix Outlook Failed to Start Correctly Error

What to do if Microsoft Outlook stops working, with error message “Outlook failed to start correctly. Do you want to start in Safe Mode?”. Make sure to try rebooting your computer first. If you still have that problem then please run a repair on Microsoft office.

Click on “Start” then select “Control Panel”. In control panel go into “Add/Remove Programs”. In add/remove programs high light then right click on a version of office you have installed. Select “Change” then choose “Repair” in that office setup dialog box.

Click on “Detect and Repair errors in my office installation” then click on “Install”. We just want to repair Outlook via an office repair tool and not to change any of your Outlook settings by reinstalling office.

Outlook Failed

I have included a short tutorial from Microsoft  with similar instructions. You can skip to a “How to Repair or Reinstall Office Programs” section.

Microsoft Office Repair

Add/Remove Programs is called “Programs and Features” in windows 7. Although, it’s still under control panel.