Password Management – Looking For a More Secure Password Manager?

Entering in your username and passwords for each individual program and or website can be time consuming and tedious. Security is still important and possibly a priority for you. There are some free options available, such as newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, which feature built in username and password storage features.

Technically, those two web browsers encrypt your stored passwords. However, it is very low level encryption and can be easily broken by someone with access to your computer. If your looking for a more secure option, then using a dedicated software program to do this job might be what your looking for.

While password management is a nice conveniance, it is a possible security risk. Get best of both worlds so to speak with a more secure form filler and password management program. Download a free trial of sticky password.

If you do decide to just use your web browsers built in password manager, then it is highly recommended that you set a master password. For example, Mozilla has a master password option available. You will be required to enter your master password each time you start Firefox and after either a saved password or certificate is required.