Please Install Skype From Microsoft Store For Best Experience

I recently ran into a problem attempting to install Microsoft Skype’s latest version. Automatic updates in Skype did NOT notify me there was an upgrade. Also, when manually checking for updates, I just received a message stipulating that I already had the latest version of Skype.

Next, I decided to download version and then upgrade Skype this way. Well low and behold I received this message when attempting to upgrade Skype in this manner:

“Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the best experience”

I beg to differ with this statement. I have tested the Windows 10 store Skype application and I did NOT think it was productive. It has less features than the standalone version of Skype.

Is Microsoft trying to persuade individuals from using the standalone version and instead using the Microsoft Store Skype application instead? I performed a quick Google search of this message and came up with a quick solution. For whatever reason this latest version of Microsoft Skype is NOT compatible with Windows 10.

Yes, you read that correctly. However, this version of Microsoft Skype is compatible with both Windows 8 and 7. Right click the Skype- file and then select “Properties”.

Now choose the “Compatibility” tab. Under “Compatibility mode” choose Windows 7. Also, you could try Windows 8.

If you notice, in this compatibility mode tab, Microsoft Skype supports Windows 8, 7, Vista service pack 2, Vista service pack 1, XP service 3, XP service pack 2, millenium edition, 98, and 95. However, this software will NOT fucking install on Windows 10. Now that you have changed the compatibility mode, you should be able to install Microsoft Skype on Windows 10. I have no idea why this software won’t install without changing the compatibility mode.

However, I can not help but think perhaps Microsoft is trying to force users into using the Windows 10 application from the Microsoft Store.