PokerStars App – Rational Updater Client Stopped Working Fix

Another problem in the Technology industry. This time it deals with breads y circuses. A customer from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions, had a problem with PokerStars App. Here is is request including the error message they kept receiving.

When I log in to Poker Stars I get the message “rational updater client software has stopped working on my Dell laptop.

This individual had a Dell Vostro with Windows 7 operating system installed. Here is my response, which ended up fixing this problem. You could try to uninstall Pokerstars.

Please follow the instructions from this Pokerstars reinstall web page. You will need to back up two files, user.ini and notes.user.xml. You will need to reboot your computer after uninstalling.

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Then you can download Pokerstars again and install. Once you regain connection to Pokerstars server successfully, then you move those two files back to their original locations. Click the “Start” button.

You can copy, then paste the path below into the “Search” box and press the “Enter” key.


You want to locate “user.ini” or “user” and “notes.user.xml” files. Copy these two files to a temporary location ie.
the desktop. Then uninstall PokerStars.

Browse to “Control Panel” then select “Programs”. In “Programs”, uninstall all PokerStars items. Restart your computer.

Download and install a fresh copy of the PokerStars software. When you regain your connection to PokerStars, be sure to restore those two saved files. Click on the “Help” icon and select “Open My Settings Folder”, then close PokerStars and copy those two files back into that folder.

If you are asked to overwrite any files, click on accept. This individual was able to fix their own problem with PokerStars. These instructions were written for both Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems.