Print Shop in – How to Install Multiple Versions of Print Shop

You found you had Print Shop Premier Edition 5.0 in an upgrade box sent to you in 1997. Since then you have upgraded to Print Shop 23.2 Deluxe. You don’t believe you ever used it.

Could you add it now. You prefer a Print Shop to Print Master which you also use. You don’t like a new way of creating your own projects with Master.

You still like Shop. Can you use a 5.0 upgrade? You tried downloading a CD.

You believe you should delete your 23.1 version, but don’t have an installation disc. You can try installing that older 5.0 version in a seperate folder. So if Print Shop 23.2 is in C:\Program Files\PrintShop you could change that installation folder to C:\Program Files\printshop5.0 or whatever you want to name it.

As long as you name that install folder to something different then version 23.2 so that you don’t overwrite program files. Once a program is installed you can’t just move it. You are able to do a custom install with 5.0.

You can use windows explorer or double click “My Computer” to browse that installation CD. Look for a install.exe or setup.exe program and double click it to start an install. Just install print shop premeir edition 5.0 into a different folder than 23.0 is installed.

Also, you can try to take out that print shop 5.0 CD out of your CD-ROM drive and then re insert it to see if it will auto load an installation menu for you. Here are some different instructions to install print shop 5.0. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

Double click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Add New Programs. Click CD. A CD-ROM Wizard prompts you to insert first installation CD-ROM of that product.

Insert that CD-ROM, and then click Next. When Setup starts, you must follow those prompts. When Setup is complete, click Close to close an Add or Remove Programs window.