Printing From a Chromebook – on an Epson Printer

I received a question about being able to print on an Epson printer from a chromebook computer. Printing on a chromebook can be a pain in the ass at times. However, with an Epson printer you may be able to print without installing and drivers and or software on your chromebook computer.

Here is the initial question quoted verbatim.

I need help with my ability to print.

This individual did NOT tell me what printer brand and model they owned. Also, they were going to connect their printer via a Universal Serial Bus cable. You would just connect your printer to your chromebook with a Universal Serial Bus cable and then use Google Cloud printing.

You will need to login with a Google account. If you login with Youtube and or Gmail, you already have a Google account. If you do NOT have a Google account, you will need to create one.

If you want to print wireless then you will first need to place your printer on the same network as your chromebook. Your IP addresses will be on the same sub network. For example your Epson printer will have an Internet Protocol address of and your chromebook will have an Internet Protocol address of

You will need to know the exact Internet Protocol address from your Epson printer. Then you will enter in this address into a web browser. For example type in into a web browser address bar.

Now select the “Google Cloud Print Services” option. If you do NOT see the Google Cloud Print Services option then try turning off your Epson printer and turning it back on. Once you see Google Cloud Print Services option, click on “Register”.

You will need to agree to the Google usage advisory by placing a check mark in the box next to it. Now you will click on “OK” that will launch the sign in page in a separate window. Type in your Google account username and password and click on “Sign in”. If you do NOT have a Google account, you can go ahead and create one now by clicking on “Sign up For a Google Account”.

Finally, you want to click on “Finish Printer Registration”. You should now be able to print. I would print a test page now. You can print from your chromebook by selecting or clicking on a “Print” option from an application.

For example a web browser. Your Epson printer is now actually linked to your Google account. This allows you to print from any Google Android, Apple device, chromebook, or computer with Internet access.

Printing with a Universal Serial Bus cable is so much easier. Just connect the Universal Serial Bus cable to your printer with the square end. Connect the flat end of the Universal Serial Bus cable to your chromebook.

Then you can print from any application that has a print function. Universal Serial Bus printer cables are not that expensive. You might even be able to find one at a thrift store.