Quicken Restore – Fix Quicken Online Backup is Not Activated

When you try to select Quicken backup to restore, you get this message “Quicken online backup is not activated”. You are then referred to a trouble shooting web page.

To restore Quicken 2007 data from a local source you perform some following steps. Restore a Quicken data file from an external source ie. USB drive, CD, DVD. Restore Quicken data from an external source.

  1. Connect that external drive containing a data file you want to restore, or insert a disk containing a data file in that drive.
  2. Select a “File” menu and then select “Restore Backup File”.
  3. Select either one of those files listed or browse my computer.
  4. If you are restoring a file over a current file, click “OK” to overwrite that current file.
  5. When you see a message that a file is restored, click “OK”.
  6. Select a “File” menu and then select “OPEN” to open that restored file.

Quicken Restore