Reset PC Windows 10 – Instructions

I received a request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This individual wanted to return a recently purchased computer. However, they did NOT want to leave their virtual footprint(s) on this computer.

Here is their original request:

I need to return it to Amazon and I want to remove my identity from it. How can this be accomplished? I was getting it ready to use and discovered that the hum that it has makes me tense, so they have replaced it.

I’ve removed the programs I installed, but it still opens up with my name on the front waiting for me to log in.

They purchased an Acer Aspire with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Here is my response to this request. You can perform a “Reset this PC”.

This will reset your Microsoft Windows 10 computer back to when you purchased it. It will remove all your personal data and programs installed. Another possibility is performing a factory reset, which would reinstall Microsoft Windows 10 to back when you purchased it.

You can start a Reset this PC from within Windows. Right click the Windows 10 icon in lower left corner. Choose “Search” and type in “Reset this PC”.

Click on “Reset this PC. Click on “Get Started” under “Recovery”. You have two options to choose from.

Select the second one “Remove everything”. You will be given two choices again. Select the second choice “Remove files and clean the drive”.

Click on “Reset” to begin resetting that computer. Eventually, that computer will restart and complete the process. This Reset this PC option is in my opinion an excellent addition to Microsoft Windows 10.

One of the few positives of this problematic alleged operating system. This is similar to what is known as factory recovery, factory reset, etc. Factory recovery is normally created by original equipment manufacturers.

Reset this PC was instituted by Microsoft Corporation. When it works, it is a quick and easy way to reset your Microsoft Windows 10 computer to when you purchased it. Also, this would be an apropos tool to use if you wanted to sell your computer.

This will make it harder for anyone to obtain any of your person data. Although, the second option takes quite a bit longer, it is worth the wait. Finally, it is real easy to start the second option of Reset this PC.

I choose this solution over a factory recovery, because quite frankly this to me could be easier for an end user to perform. Some factory recovery solutions can get quite complicated. You would have to press a certain keystroke before Microsoft Windows 10 would try to boot.

Then, the end user would have to go through a menu of options. Also, there are times when a factory recovery will not work. I am NOT saying that factory recovery as a means to restore the operating system back to factory settings NOT a productive option.

My experiences are with an average computer user, if you can make it quicker and less complex, the better. If a Microsoft Windows 10 reset this PC would not have worked, then I would have went to plan b, a factory recovery. These instructions were written specifically succinctly for Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Reset this PC is only available in the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.