S500 Scansnap – Get Your ScanSnap S510 Scanner to Work Again

You cannot get your ScanSnap S510 to go online. You have a blue button with a white S in system tray but it has a red circle and a red line through it. You have turned power on and off, rebooted that computer but nothing helps.

You can try connecting that scanner to a different USB port. It’s recommended to power off that computer first and then unplug that device from an existing USB port and plug it into a different USB port. Hopefully, when you power on that computer, Windows XP will find that device again and it will work properly.

S500 Scansnap

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You can go into Windows device manager by going to System Properties and then a Hardware tab and make sure there isn’t any problems with that device driver for your scanner. If there is a yellow exclamation point then you will need to reload that driver. If there is a red x then you will need to re enable that device by right clicking and select enable.

Once in device manager and you see no problems with a device driver, you can try highlighting and deleting that scanner device by right clicking and selecting “delete”. There is a “Scan for hardware changes” icon in a device manager window. If you click that icon Windows will scan and find that scanner again and will try to reinstall a device driver. You could also try to update that scanner driver from within device manager instead.

Trying to update that device driver or reinstall that driver might be a quickest way to fix your problem.