Hotmail Thunderbird – Import Live Mail Contacts to Thunderbird

Are you currently using Windows live for email service and want to export your address book to Thunderbird mail? You have Windows 7 for an operating system. You are not happy with your current email service because of default mail problems.

You have downloaded and saved the Thunderbird email software. Your question is will your address book if you run that download installer transfer or does that wizard tell you how to get it transferred? Yes you should be able import your address book from Windows live mail to Thunderbird.

Hotmail Thunderbird

First, you will want to export your Windows live mail contacts into a .csv file. Either during that install process of Thunderbird it will ask you to try to import contacts or once you have that program installed you can go to “Tools” then “Import”. You will import the .csv file you created in first step.

These tips were written for a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium with Windows live mail installed but can certainly be a basis for other versions of Microsoft Windows.