Blackberry Address Book – Unable to Download Your Contacts?

Need help downloading your Blackberry contacts? You tried following BlackBerry desktop manager software and downloaded your contacts per those directions. Some of your contacts did not download at all.

Of ones that did, their contact info i.e. phone numbers did not download. You also tried to copy my contacts to a disk and was just going to take that disk and your phone to Verizon and ask them to fix it, but copying them to a disk did not work at all. You tried again to download through Blackberry desktop manager provided by Verizon in that box that your Curve BlackBerry came in and received same problem.

Blackberry Address Book

You can try installing a recent version of Blackberry Desktop Manager software. Also, depending on how many contacts you have and want to preserve don’t upgrade that software on an actual device unless your not worried about keeping those contacts. You may need to remove an older version and then install a newer version of that desktop manager.

You might be able to just run an installer for a newer version and it will uprade that existing version. Hopefully, after just uprading that desktop manager software, you will be able to download all your contacts successfully. These instructions were written for a BlackBerry Curve 8530 with a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, but certainly can be used as a basis for a MAC operating system and other versions of Microsoft windows.