Problem Outlook – Unable to Open Your Microsoft Outlook Inbox?

Having trouble opening your Microsoft Outlook inbox or deleted items? When you try to open your inbox an error message says there are no items in there but it has received emails. To fix it you downloaded a free scanpst.exe program and it worked for a while but now your inbox will not open again.

You can try repairing Microsoft Outlook by going to add remove programs. Click “Start” then “Run” then type “appwiz.cpl” without quotes and click “Ok”. Find MS Office then click “Change” then select repair from here.

Hopefully, it will fix your problem. If not, are you able to enter both your inbox and deleted items folders? Does it cause Outlook to freeze when you do?

Scanpst.exe basically scans any .pst archive files that you have created. Do you by chance have auto archive enabled? Also, are you downloading your email from your internet provider or employer and then saving it on your local machine or do you have Outlook configured to keep the messages on the server?

Problem Outlook

Can you tell me if when you ran scanpst.exe the first time if it told you that it found any errors? I’m trying to narrow down whether it’s an issue with corrupted data or if that install of Microsoft Outlook on your computer is damaged. Check out three quick potential solutions for your problem.

Solution 1

Try some following steps and check if it helps. Try opening outlook in safe mode by holding a ctrl key and then click on your Outlook icon. If it works try disabling any Add-Ins that may be causing problem(s).

Solution 2

Try scanning and repairing those data files in Outlook. If it is an exchange server account run Scanost.exe and if it is a pop account try Scanpst.exe. Please check out how to scan and repair Corrupted Outlook data files.

Solution 3

Try creating a new profile in Outlook and re-configure your email account. Please check out information on how to create a new Outlook Profile in Microsoft Outlook 2007. These tips were written for a computer running Microsoft Windows Vista with Outlook 2007 email client, but can certainly be used as a basis point for other Microsoft versions of Windows and Outlook.