Samsung Hybrid Laptop – Notebook Spin 7 NP740U3L Screen Removal

I received a Samsung hybrid laptop with a cracked screen for repair. This laptop is actually a Samsung Notebook Spin 7 model number NP740U3L-L02US. I could only find one full replacement screen on eBay for $250.

I doubt my customer will pay that much for that screen. Also, this type of screen has fused glass similar to what Apple iPhone, Google Android, and some table computers. What this means is that the Liquid Crystal Display and glass are fused together.

If you have ever removed broken glass from a dumb device, I mean smart device you know that you have to take a heat gun and heat up the rubber glue so that you can seperate the glass from the LCD. Some notebook and laptop computers are designed so that the glass and LCD are not glued together and are seperate. This makes it much easier to fix laptop screens in my opinion.

I will still describe to you what it takes to take the screen apart from the rest of this Samsung hybrid laptop. There are ten total screws that hold the bottom cover on. Underneath the cover there are two bezels one on each side of this computer both held down by two screws.

You will need to remove all fourteen screws. There are two cables from the LCD screen connected to the motherboard. Remove these cables and then you can lift the bezel attached to the screen from the rest of this laptop.

I found out that this type of screen is hard to find. If you can find a full replacement piece, you would then just line up the bezel connections and tighten down the four screws. Now all you have to do is tighten down the remaining 10 screws for the bottom cover.

Finally, I was able to find replacement LCD screens for this Samsung Notebook 7 spin NP740U3L-L02US. However, I could not find any replacement glass. This replacement glass would have to be fused on top of the LCD, which to me is a huge pain in the ass.