Sony Bravia TV Troubleshooting - KDL-46XBR4 Dark Screen Problem

I just received this Sony Bravia model KDL-46XBR4 television as a recycled unit. You might be wondering why I would be making a video you know fixing a problem when it seems as if the television works well. This Sony Bravia television does not work one hundred percent.

When I first started to use this Sony Bravia television, it would take oh I would say around ten minutes before it warmed up. Before that it had a dark screen on the right middle to right hand side. Also, as I was testing this Sony Bravia television, I would say intermittently, two or three times every five to ten minutes, the problem would reappear meaning a dark screen on the middle to the right hand side.

I actually moved this Sony Bravia television because I needed to. I placed the television up against a wall underneath a window. I do not actually watch television ironically.

However, I did recycle electronics and I like working on liquid crystal display televisions. They are very fascinating and I like to try to fix them as well as resell them. I used to part them out.

Also, I am not into the laws and legalities but in the state of Colorado actually there is a law claiming that it iss illegal to pretty much throw away any electronics. I do not think they actually enforce it. I have traced down the issue to the television which is a Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR forty six inch television.

This Sony Bravia television is quite wide and quite heavy. This television is approximately ten years old. This Sony Bravia television is in almost brand new condition.

There are no visible scratches. The individual that dropped it off for recycling knew of the problem. He looked into this problem but he just did not feel like troubleshooting it himself.

That is where I come into play. I am not an expert by any means, but I have learned how to reverse engineer electronics. Also, I have learned how to try to repair liquid crystal display televisions.

This Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR television has an issue with the tape automated bonding. Tape automated bonding is appled at the factory when the liquid crystal displays are manufactured. There are these ribbon cables that I think run from the inverter board.

There is a ribbon cable that connects to the top of the television. There is five six of these ribbon cables at the top of this Sony Bravia television. On the top of this television, underneath the back cover you have these ribbon cables that are bonded at the factory.

I guess it requires equipment and it can be difficult for an average person to perform. Although I am not an expert in that field but it seems like it is quite difficult to perform the bonding. I do not know if you can apply the bond where the ribbon cables connect from the television.

I would say probably the liquid crystal display screen at the top, connected to one of the circuit boards on the back. One of the circuit boards or maybe the other board for the the actual liquid crystal display colors may have a bonding problem. I had to take off the entire back cover.

I made sure to remove all necessary screws in order to remove the back cover from this Sony Bravia television. I ended up narrowing down what caused this internmittent dark screen problem. Somewhere in the top right corner when looking from the back of this television is where the problem occurred.

If I bent and or squeezed this corner, then the intermittent dark screen problem disappeared. I would have had to taken this Sony Bravia television further apart to apply a more permanent fix. I ended up using some spare foam like material, in order to apply enough pressure to make this intermittent dark screen issue disappear.

All I had to do was literally press in on the corner and apply enough pressure on some spare foam. I then applied some electrical tape on the foam to hopefully keep it in place. Now I placed the television cover back on as tight as possible without screws.

I performed multiple tests such as moving the television around, applying pressure on that very same corner, etc. I also tested using more foam or less foam until for the most part this intermittent dark screen issue was resolved. I was not able to permanently fix it the way I wanted to.

However, when I performed a burn in test, so to speak, I never noticed the dark screen issue appear again. I would probably have had to taken it to a real television repair business and or bonded that corner myself. I was elated that I could apply a fix, because the actual Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR television was in near new condition with an excellent quality screen.

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