Sound Stuttering – Quickly Fix Your Windows Audio Stutter Issue

You have a Sony Vaio VPCS111FM computer and have not been able to fix a problem with audio stuttering in Microsoft Windows operating system. It is almost impossible to play a video normally because it would get stuck continuously. You have installed several updates directly from Sony support and none have fixed your issue.

You can try to manually remove and install again an audio driver for your sound device. You will want to open Microsoft Windows operating system device manager by clicking your “Start” men button. Then click on “Control Panel”.

Now you will want to click “System and Security”. Now then under “System”, click on “Device Manager”. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, you can type in a password or provide confirmation.

In that list of hardware categories, you will want to find your audio device that you want to delete. Now you will want to double click that device name. You can click that “Driver” tab.

You will want to click delete driver. You can follow some instructions displayed on screen. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, you can type your password or provide confirmation.

Finally, you will want to restart your computer. After your computer restarts and Microsoft Windows operating system boots successfully, you can install the latest audio driver manually. Now you can check and test to see if your audio stutter problem has permanently disappeared.

If your sound stuttering issue in Microsoft Windows operating system has still not been fixed, you can try performing a Microsoft Windows operating system restore. You will want to choose a restore point back to before you had this audio sound stuttering issue. Microsoft Windows system restore will restore your computer back to before this sound stuttering issue began.

Depending on what version of Microsoft Windows operating system you have installed, you can also try performing a reset this personal computer. If a Microsoft Windows operating system restore does fix your sound stuttering issue you can attempt a Reset This PC. You have two options to choose from with a reset this PC.

Microsoft Windows ten and Microsoft Windows eleven operating systems include this reset this PC tool. Microsoft Windows eXPerience, Vista, seven, eight, ten, and eleven operating systems include the system restore tool. Hopefully, one of these additional tools will help you fix your Microsoft Windows operating system audio stutter problem.

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