SPSS Data Collection – Fix 1330 Windows Error Installing V17 SPSS

You are getting 1330 error on Windows seven with version seventeen Statistical Package for Social Sciences install. You tried to reinstall which failed. You copied an install directory to your desktop and tried to install that program which also failed.

You can browse a CD/DVD and copy a Statistical Package for Social Sciences statistics installation folder from that CD/DVD to your desktop. Then open that copied folder and run setup.exe. You must right click on that setup.exe and select “Run as Administrator”.

Do you have Statistical Package for Social Scienses statistics for Windows Student Version or Integrated Student Version? Is it version seventeen or eighteen? According to this International Business Machines SPSS statistics is throwing Error 1330 on installation support page if you have that version you need to open up a support request with them.

You could try cleaning out your temporary files and folders on your computer. I found a blog with instructions on how and where to download a workable copy. Please check out this addressing an SPSS installation problem article.