Start up Office – Are Your Start Menus Missing in Windows 7?

Your Microsoft Office 2010 isn’t working well can someone help with this please? Your computer is experiencing a number of very strange events. You have a problem activating sub menus.

When you click on speakers, it brings up speakers, but when you move a mouse it disappears. If you are referring to your “Start” and “All Programs” menu submenus in Windows 7, you might have some malware or you might need to run some system scans. That’s not normal obviously.

I recomend you download and run a FREE SuperAntiSpyware scan. Make sure SuperAntiSpwyare is updated before you begin that scan. You may need to run this spyware scan in Windows safe mode with networking.

If after removing any objects and rebooting your machine you still have a problem with your menus, then please perform chkdsk and sfc scans. In a windows command prompt type in “chkdsk /f /r” without quotes.

Type Y at a volume is in use message. A chkdsk scan will be scheduled at next reboot. Reboot your computer and a chkdsk scan should begin.

If chkdsk scan does not fix your issue, then please perform a sfc scan. Type in “sfc /scannow” into a windows command prompt. You might be prompted for your Windows 7 installation disc.

On Windows 7 you open a “Command Prompt” window by clicking a “Start button”. In a search box, type “Command Prompt”, and then, in a list of results, click “Command Prompt”. You might need to right click command prompt after typing it in a search box, and select “Run as administrator”.

If it is a problem with your “Start” then “Programs and Features” menu then it is a Windows problem. Were you able to start a chkdsk scan? You want to perform a chkdsk scan with administrator rights.

Type in “chkdsk /f /r” without quotes into a command prompt with administrator rights. Type Y at a volume is in use message. Reboot that computer and a chkdsk scan should begin.