StreamLabs – With OBS Studio Configuration Instructions

OBS Studio is currently my live streaming software of choice. I use this free software on my Reality PC weekly video podcast. I recently stumbled upon another free service to incorporate into my live video podcast.

StreamLabs has a set of free tools to incorporate into your YouTube and or Twitch live streams. Information such as subscribers, donations, sponsors, etc. can be incorporated into your live stream. This service is entirely free.

You do not need to create a separate account with StreamLabs. You will need to login with your Google/YouTube account or Twitch account. Then you click on a “LAUNCH STREAMLABS” button at top of their homepage.

If you are already logged in with your a fore mentioned account, you will prompted to accept StreamLabs to view your email address, view basic profile information, and view your YouTube account. Once logged into your dashboard you can quickly setup an alert widget to use within your live streams. Start a real live stream with either Twitch or YouTube.

Under “Stream Widgets” on left hand side, click on “Alert Box”. You can show live real time donations, subscribers, and sponsors information from your YouTube channel to your viewers. Click on “Click to show widget URL”.

You want to copy and paste this URL into your OBS Studio Scene Source. Create a new source for a scene that you want this information to overlay. You want to create a new “Browser Source” source.

Paste the URL from StreamLabs site into URL box and click OK. Now go back into StreamLabs and look for test alert buttons. As long as you are on a real live stream when you click a test alert, a test will be sent to OBS Studio.

Once a test is successful, you can now use StreamLabs with either your Twitch or YouTube live stream.