SuperAntiSpyware – Instructions so This Software Does Not Expire

SuperAntiSpyware is my second malware spyware removal tool of choice behind MalwareBytes. Sometimes this software will find items that MalwareBytes does not detect. Today, I am going to show you how to install SuperAntiSpyware so that this free software does not expire.

Towards end of installation of this software there is a prompt asking you to enable a trial version. You don’t want to enable a free trial version because this enables a professional trial version that expires. Download a most recent version of SuperAntiSpyware free edition.

Save to your computer and double click this program to begin an installation. Select “Run” at a security warning prompt. Click “Next” on an installation wizard.

Click on “I agree” to agree to a license agreement. You can either select to install this software for “Anyone who uses this computer, all users” or “Only for me, current user”. Click “Next” at installation folder unless you need to change this.

SuperAntiSpyware setup will now begin. You can click “Next” at prompt where it asks you to “Check for recent definition database updates” and “Submit a system diagnostic…”. You do NOT need to enter an email address where it asks you to, so that important product updates can be emailed to you.

Click “Finished” to exit SuperAntiSpyware installation. A SuperAntiSpyware Professional Trial window will pop up. You want to select “Decline”.

If you select start trial, then this will enable a thirty day trial of their professional version that expires. You would then need to remove this software and install again. Also, there is no guarantee that you could remove and reinstall this software so that you can use a free version that does not expire.

By clicking on “Decline” you are now enabling SuperAntiSpyware free edition that does not expire. Finally, you want to update this programs definition database before you run a spyware scan.