Teamviewer Remote Desktop – Portable Version

Teamviewer remote desktop is one of my preferred remote desktop connection software. There is actually a portable version of Teamviewer available for free. This software functions similar to the desktop version.

I prefer to keep my Microsoft Windows 10 machine as clutter free as possible. I removed Teamviwer 11 and now exclusively use Teamviwer remote desktop portable version after testing this software. This software takes up close to 80 megabytes of disk space.

You can run Teamviewer remote desktop portable version off of a Universal Serial Bus drive or Compact Disc Read Only Memory disk. I have not tried running this off of a network drive, but I think it would be possible. According to the official Teamviewer website, this portable version “…comprises all the features of the full version of TeamViewer…”

This is good news for me as I do NOT like having to install countless pieces of software cluttering up this Windows 10 machine. All you have to do is download Teamviewer portable and burn it to CD-ROM or USB flash drive. Then just open up TeamViewer.exe.

This software supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, Google Android, and Apple iOS operating systems. You can download the newest version of Teamviewer remote desktop from this static link. You do NOT and will NOT be able to update this portable version.

You would need to browse to Teamviewer’s download area to download the most recent portable version of this remote desktop connection software. I have been satisfied with this portable version of Teamviewer. Also, 80 megabytes of disk space is sufficient enough reason for me to rely on this portable version.

Any time I can keep my Microsoft Winblows machine clutter free, I am a happy technology camper.