This Computer Does Not Have The Necessary USB Software Support

Another computer problem in the world order. This time a bit of a strange problem at least in my opinion. I received another request on a third party website whereby I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions.

Here is this request:

“I have an HP PhotoSmart Premium printer. I had it connected to my printer wireless – NEVER VIA a USB. Geek Squad cleaned up some corrupt print files and deleted the HP Print Center which sits on my PC.

When I try to install from a download or original disk, it say “you don’t have appropriate USB drivers”. HELP please.”

This is an ugly error message. However, I was able to install the HP Solution Center software successfully. This individual owned a C309N Hewlett Packard printer.

For whatever brilliant idea, Hewlett Packard now ships a USBready.exe tool that is supposed to test your computer for USB compliance. However, this is NOT an isolated incident of people receiving this error. It is NOT exclusive to just one model of HP printer either.

You are supposed to browse to the most recent temporary file for the HP Solution Center installation. Type in the following into a run box on Microsoft Windows operating systems. This individual had a Lenovo computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.


This should take you to the Temp folder where the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install begins. A usbready.exe file gets copied to temporary space. Look for a folder that starts with 7z.

Here is an example folder 7zs1234. You want to browse into this folder and then browse to a “Setup” folder. Look for the usbready.exe file.

One recommendation is to rename this file before you click “Next” during the installation of this Hewlett Packard Solution Center software. This tactic did NOT work for me. What happened instead is that the installation program started the usbready.exe program, which caused this “This Computer Does Not Have The Necessary USB Software Support” error message.

I think this is poor development by Hewlett Packard. Did these clowns forget that many Hewlett Packard customer want to connect to their printers via wireless or blue tooth? At the very least this USB compliance test should NOT begin until after you choose the type of installation.

I was able to bypass this usbready.exe program by moving this file out of this temporary folder. Then I clicked the first “Next” prompt and sure enough this installation ignored this USB compliance test. Also, you could just delete this usbready.exe file.

Maybe I did NOT rename this file quick enough the first time? Who knows, I do NOT know. However, the second attempt I moved this file out of the “Setup” folder under the 7z***** temporary folder. Let me warn you now that Hewlett Packard Solution Center software installs take for fucking ever.

I am talking at least an hour on average. Also, here is a gold tip. Do NOT ever hook up your Hewlett Packard printer to your computer first. Always, wait until the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install prompts you before you hook up your printer. Obviously, this was a network installation, but still this is a valuable tip.

Many Hewlett Packard customers first inclination is to hook up their newly purchased printer to their computer and away they go printing. Wrong. This can cause many problems when you do install the Hewlett Packard Control Center software.

The installation gets confused because Microsoft Windows would have already loaded a printer driver. Anyways, you should be able to perform a network installation now that you have bypassed this ridiculous usbready.exe fiasco. Also, I have an older HP office jet 7410 all in one printer and the Hewlett Packard Solution Center install interface looks almost the same accept thankfully this usbready.exe program is not included with that install.

One final note before I run into the ether. This usbready.exe program was included with the installation CD-ROM that came with this Hewlett Packard C309N all in one printer. Unfortunately, the downloadable version of this software also includes this usbready.exe file.

What you could possibly do is copy the contents of the CD-ROM into a folder on your hard drive. Then browse I think to the Setup folder and delete the usbready.exe file. Also, you could search for this file and delete and then try the installation and see if it skips this USB compliance test.

These instructions were written for a Hewlett Packard C309N printer make can certainly be used as a basis point for other Hewlett Printer models.