USB Keyboard Not Working – Troubleshooting

A viewer on my Anet Computers YouTube channel had a question pertaining to their USB keyboard not working. I assume they are using a Universal Serial Bus or a Personal System 2 keyboard. They did NOT stipulate it was an integrated laptop keyboard.

“i have tried switching plugs, num lock key, ctrl+alt+shift+del, uninstalling from device manager and restarting. none has work.?”


They tried some initial troubleshooting from a previous YouTube video I had made. They claimed that they tried different ports. You can try booting your computer into windows safe mode.

After your computer turns on and before Windows tries to boot, you want to press F8 until an advanced boot options menu opens. You can choose any of the safe mode options. See if your USB or PS2 style keyboard works.

If your keyboard works in any of the safe modes but not in normal Windows mode, then it could possibly be a drivers issue. They claimed that they already messed around with drivers and could not get this keyboard to work. You can also try booting off of some kind of live CD.

Many linux distributions have live compact discs that you can test to see if your keyboard works. Another test is to try to enter your computer Basic Input Output System. When your computer first turns on you can access a BIOS via an appropriate key.

Many times the F2 key will get you into your BIOS. What I am showing you is how to troubleshoot why your USB Keyboard Not Working. Perhaps, you have a faulty keyboard.

Another possibility is that malware, spyware, or virus(s) might actually have infected your computer. You can always run Microsoft Windows system tools like sfc and or chkdisk.

sfc /scannow
chkdsk /f /r

You can even attempt to reload your operating system and see if that solves your USB Keyboard Not Working.