Vmware Virtual Desktop – Fusion 8 Provides Windows 10 Support

VMware Incorporated announced today, August twenty five two thousand fifteen, their Fusion eight product supports Microsoft Windows ten. Fusion eight has more than fifty new features while Fusion 8 professional has more than sixty new features. Both of these pieces of software support Microsoft Windows ten.

Fusion eight by VMware allows you to run Microsoft Windows ten on a Macintosh computer. You do not need to reboot your Macintosh in order to run programs on Windows ten. Fusion eight was designed specifically for Microsoft Windows ten.

You can add new or upgrade existing virtual machines. DirectX ten and OpenGL 3.3 graphics applications are supported. VMware Fusion professional eight supports Microsoft Windows ten, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems.

You can backup your virtual machines to VMware vCloud Air with built in integration. This professional edition of Fusion eight was designed for developers in mind and supports Windows ten operating system. VMware Fusion eight is priced at $79.99 and Fusion eight professional is priced at $199.99.

These two software applications are available for download and purchase from VMware. Also, you can try VMware Fusion eight or Fusion eight professional before you buy for FREE from this VMware Download VMware Fusion or Fusion Pro Trial page. You can read over VMware’s official news release pertaining to Fusion eight and Fusion eight professional with Windows ten support.

You will need to install Windows ten in order to use it with VMware Fusion eight. You can either migrate from a computer already running Windows ten or install a fresh copy. Also, you will need a legitimate Microsoft Windows ten license.

Fusion eight supports sixty four bit operating systems. These are system requirements for running VMware Fusion eight:

* Any 64 bit capable Intel or Mac Compatible with Core 2 Duo, Xeon, i3, i5, i7 processors or greater
* A minimum 4 Gigabytes of memory
* 750 megabytes of free disk space for VMware Fusion software and 5 gigabytes for individual virtual machine
* Mac operating system X 10.8.0 or greater
* Operating system installation media or disk image for your virtual machines
* Microsoft Windows operating systems are not included with VMware Fusion
* Recommended graphics hardware for Windows DirectX ten or OpenGL 3.3:
* NVIDIA 8600M or better video card
* ATI 2600 or better video card

You can checkout VMware Fusion and Fusion professional frequently asked questions.