Waiting For Comet.Yahoo.Com – & PR.Comet.Yahoo.Com Potential Fix

Recently had a computer repair customer email about a problem he was receiving with his web based Yahoo email. He kept receiving “waiting for comet.yahoo.com and waiting for pr.comet.yahoo.com” messages when accessing his email. I looked into this problem and found a solution.

hi Aaron, I have started having trouble with my Yahoo email due to these messages appearing in the bottom left box of my screen which comes on while it is apparently searching – but it pauses and there are predictable delays while I wait to type my next letter. I’ve checked sites online, but not finding anything to help prevent this. Have you any knowledge or experience with this?

Some websites claim that this is malware, spyware, or even a virus. However, I have concluded that these uniform resource locator’s are actually Yahoo’s ad serving server’s. My solution was to install Ad Block Plus as an extension into his web browser of choice, Google Chrome.

This extension is entirely free. In Google Chrome click on “Customize and control Google Chrome” drop down menu in upper right hand corner. Hover your mouse over “More tools” and select “Extensions”.

Scroll down and or look for “Get more extensions”. Click on this link and a Chrome web store will open. Type in “ad block plus” without quotes in a “Search the store” search box.

Click on “ADD TO CHROME” button next to “Adblock Plus offered by adblockplus.org”. A popup will prompt you then select “Add extension”. Ad Block Plus will now install.

You may need to restart your web browser or close Yahoo mail and access this website again. These instructions were for Google Chrome but might help you install Ad Block Plus in other web browsers like Mozilla FireFox.

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  1. @Nancy Sherburne

    My customer was using Google Chrome. Perhaps if it is convenient enough you could try using another web browser ie. Mozilla Firefox. My customer did not want to use a different web browser.

    Also, you might want to make sure that both your web browser and Ad Block Plus are up to date. Perhaps it is web browser specific. Perhaps not.


  2. @George Onnist Wynn

    You could make sure that you have most recent versions of ad blocker plus and Google Chrome web browser. Another option is to use a different browser ie. Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, etc. and see if those ads get blocked. Finally, you could try a different ad blocking plugin called “Adguard AdBlocker”.


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