Web Based Emails – How to Access Your Email From Anywhere

How can you access your e-mail from a different location other than your personal computer? You can use your Internet service provider’s web mail utility. Sign in with your Internet service provider user ID and password.

You will be able to access your Internet service provider’s email from any computer with Internet access and a standard web browser ie. Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you want to access your company or organization email anywhere with an Internet connection, then It depends on if your company or organization has web mail configured. If they do, then depending on what kind of email server software they are using, then yes I would say with a standard web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer that this is possible.

Please try accessing your email via http://webmail.MyCompany.com. You may need to include @MyCompany.com with your username when trying to login. Also, asking your company or organization email administrator if they have web mail access is recommended.